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We want to buy products from brands that align with our values. Brands that care about us, care about the environment and care about their employees. Counterfeiters and manufacturers of fake products certainly don’t care. Helping consumers to identify and authenticate branded products with intuitive labels should therefore be a vital part of a manufacturers’ security strategy. Not only for protecting their own revenues – but ensuring that the consumers come back.


Labels using Crane’s PROFOUND™ micro-optics have obvious movement that captures consumer’s attention and are easy to identify as genuine even in low lighting conditions.

Banknote Security

Crane Currency has been a partner in innovating the protection of some of the world’s most valuable and iconic banknotes since 1801, including the $100 banknote. Today, central banks around the world entrust the protection of their banknotes to Crane’s micro-optic features.


For companies intent on further securing their leadership positions, Crane’s technology is an effective differentiator that can bring significant added value to their customers.

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The depth and feel with micro-optic technology are just astonishing – and we are able to bring your logos to life. Request a sample kit and experience our technology firsthand.