“People are blown away with the animations we show them. The depth and feel with micro-optic technology are just astonishing – and we are able to bring their logos to life,”

– Richard Einhorn

Richard Einhorn, Head of Business Development for Crane Authentication

Richard has spent his career at the intersection of new technologies and emerging market needs, bringing technologies to the market and developing new businesses. He started several businesses within the specialty materials companies Rohm and Haas and Honeywell. And later, he helped build SICPA’s product security business.

“The anti-counterfeiting market fit perfectly with my passion. It has an insatiable need for new technologies to fight counterfeiters. After leading a medical diagnostic startup, I felt the strong need to get back into the security industry. Luckily for me, Crane Currency had a position perfect for me to expand its product authentication business,” says Richard Einhorn.

Identification and Authentication

“We prefer to call this industry Product Identification and Authentication. This is what companies like Crane are trying to help brands do – identifying their products in ways that are unmistakable for consumers. And also enabling consumers, law enforcement and auditors to recognize real products as genuine,” says Richard.

Product labels should be seen as part of a security solution. A big challenge when launching new products is to bring in the brand security experts early on in the process. According to Richard, sustainability, corporate responsibility and security needs should always be included directly from start.

“Today with increasing e-commerce and customer disloyalty, the focus must be on customer experience and building trust and brand loyalty. Security labels have an important role to play ensuring that the customers return,” he says.

Recycling and Low Environmental Footprint

PROFOUND™ micro-optic features are inherently recyclable and Crane supports local efforts to recycle all materials. Production of micro-optics has a relatively low environmental footprint and Crane continues to leverage the continuous improvement processes to take waste and energy consumption out of its factories.