Banknote Security

You may be more familiar with Crane Currency than you think.

For 140 years, Crane Currency has supplied the US Treasury Department with banknote paper for the production of US currency. From the $1 banknote to the $100 banknote using a MOTION Switch 3D Security Ribbon, Crane has been a partner in innovating the protection of some of the world’s most valuable and iconic banknotes since 1801.

And around the world, central banks entrust Crane with the design and production of their banknote papers, printed banknotes and anti-counterfeiting features.


The first micro-optic banknote security feature was introduced by Crane Currency more than ten years ago. It consists of millions of microscopic lenses – and got the name MOTION® to express the stunning visual effects when moving and tilting the banknote.

Today, their unique 3D security threads are used by central Banks all over the world for intuitive authentication and counterfeit prevention.

PROFOUND™ from Crane Authentication is based on the same eye-catching technology and the use of sophisticated material science knowledge and purpose-built production technologies.

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