There are so many markets and so many use cases. Crane determined early on that there are two industries that value world-class public security features and have a need for deep, specialized solution integration expertise – Brand Licensing and Pharma packaging”

– Richard Einhorn, Head of Business Development for Crane Authentication.

Finding the Right Solutions and Partners for Security Labels

Fake products and counterfeited security labels are a massive threat to brand owners and product manufacturers around the world. The same technology used for banknote security has grown to include a new fast-growing business – Crane Authentication.

The technology, PROFOUND™ micro-optics, provides a new level of security and ease of consumer use that is unparalleled. With an extremely high level of customization, the technology distances itself from the previous generation of shiny holographic features that are being copied on an industrial scale. For companies intent on further securing their leadership positions, Crane’s technology is an effective differentiator that can bring significant added value to their customers.

MM Packaging

Long Relationship with MM Packaging

MM Packaging brings to its pharma customers broad design, integration and fabrication expertise. As pharma packaging becomes more complex to support injectables, smart-packaging and government regulations, brands are turning to MM Packaging early in their design process to create new packaging concepts. MM Packaging supplies 19 of the top 20 pharma companies, so they are well positioned to bring the advantages of Crane’s technology into the market.

MM Packaging saw the demand for public features and tamper evident seals that are more engaging and secure than other security features. So once they saw examples of Crane’s labels, they were sold on the technology. And once they saw Crane’s ability to design new features and collaborate with transparency, respect and urgency, MM Packaging saw in Crane a strong partner.

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A Leader in Licensing Finds an Alternative to an Aging Technology

In 2021, Crane Authentication announced a collaboration with Octane5 – a leading supplier of licensing systems.

Most leading brands license their identity to be used on apparel, home goods and other consumer products. Octane5 has a great list of clients because they bring a world-class solution and many of these clients have seen continued hologram use as problematic as more and more convincing counterfeits emerge.

Octane5 and Crane already share in providing solutions to some of the most well-known brands, e.g. GM, Caterpillar, Ford, Ohio State University and Harley Davidson.

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Crane Authentication and Brady collaborating since 2006

A partnership that has provided world-class product authentication solutions to solve the hardest counterfeiting challenges. Brady leverages Crane’s micro-optic films to create the labels that are easy to authenticate and hard to replicate. The animation shows a recent label example that has engaging movement and highlights the brand’s identity.

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